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Course for Certified Environmental Professional in The Operation Of Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems (Biological Processes – Activated Sludge Process)

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The success of the operation of an IETS is primarily in the hands of the operator. A knowledgeable and skilled operator or supervisor knows how to monitor the processes occurring in his IETS,understands what factors affect the IETS performance, knows what operational conditions are best for his IETS and how to maintain them, knows how to respond to upset conditions, understands the social obligations and legal implications for noncompliance.

Successful operation of an IETS is an integral part of the operation of a successful industry. A trained and skilled IETS operator or supervisor is not anymore a luxury but rather a must-have to the industry. Good environmental performance not only portray positive corporate image, but avoid possibility of factory downtime and hefty monetary penalties due to legal actions from the environmental authority. The industries must pay great attention to the training of their staff in the proper operation and maintenance of the IETS. EiMAS is providing a training program to train your IETS operators and supervisor to be competent in operating IETS particularly in conducting performance monitoring of the IETS components. The competent operator or supervisor will ensure that the IETS is operating optimally.

This unique training course which focuses on hands-on approach is in fact the only one of its kind in Malaysia. A Certificate of Competency will be awarded to participants who successfully completes the course, passes the examination and submits a field training report.

Entry Requirement

Candidate must possess a:

  1. Bachelors degree or higher in Science or Engineering; or
  2. Diploma in Science or Engineering with 1 year experience in IETS operation or supervision.

Who should attend

  1. Responsible person to be in charge of the operation of an IETS at their work premise;
  2. Supervisors of IETS.

Course Methodology

  1. Lectures / Discussion
  2. Course Assignment
  3. Practical Training at EiMAS’ IETS Training Center
  4. Hands on Lab Sessions


  1. To impart knowledge to the IETS operators and supervisors on the importance of performance monitoring;
  2. To develop skill on the conduct of IETS performance monitoring and evaluation of performance monitoring data.


Course for Certified
Environmental Professional
in the Operation of
Industrial Effluent
Treatment Systems
(Biological Processes)
Examination for CePIETSO –
Biological Processes
(For re-sit – Practical or
Written or Both RM400 will
be charged)


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