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Course for Certified Environmental Professional in Sewage Treatment Plant Operation – CePSTPO

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Course for Certified Environmental Professional in Sewage Treatment Plant Operation – CePSTPO


There are thousands sources of sewage discharge in Malaysia ranging from simple ISTs serving a few PEs to large complex ASTSs serving several thousand PEs. The quality of treated sewage effluent discharged from these STSs depends greatly on the operation and maintenance of the systems. In order to ensure continuous regulatory compliance, serious attention must be given to the knowledge and skills of the operators and supervisors who have been tasked to operate, maintain, and monitor the performance of the systems.

The CePSTPO program implemented by EiMAS focuses on the operational aspects of the STS operation. The program incorporates training drills to develop understanding and skills in several areas, including environmental regulations and fundamental concepts of sewage treatment, sewage engineering laboratory, STS performance monitoring, statistical data analysis using computer software, technical report writing, and technical presentation. The graduates of the CePSTPO program are well grilled STS professionals who understand DOE’s regulatory requirements and possess knowledge and skills in STS processes and performance monitoring, hence are able to optimally operate the STS. Having a CeSPTPO graduate in your organization not only makes your company comply with the legal requirement on Competent Person but is also a valuable asset that will ensure STS regulatory compliance on a continuous basis.

Entry Requirement

Candidate must possess a:

  1. Bachelors degree or higher in Science or Engineering; or
  2. Diploma in Science or Engineering with 1 year experience in STS operation or supervision

Who Should Attend

  1. Industry staff responsible for environmental compliance of the Sewage Regulations 2009
  2. STS operators and supervisors; Industry personnel responsible for STS operation in industrial premises; Technical staff of STS service providers providing services to clients (such as rest areas and commercial establishments); Technical staff charge of STS operation in hotels, resorts, supermarkets, etc.; Environmental compliance officers.

Course Methodology

  1. Lectures / Discussions
  2. Course Assignments
  3. Hands on STS Eng. Lab
  4. Field Training Report Assessment


To produce STS professionals who possess technical knowledge and skills on STS performance monitoring and are also conversant with the environmental regulations governing the STS operation.