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Department of Environment


EiMAS’s Library

EiMAS’s Library is a special library for Department of Environment. It provides all collections related to the environment which is publish in Malaysia and from overseas. EiMAS’s Library officially had started its operation in year 2002. The function of the library is to fulfill the users who are attending any courses in EiMAS. Besides that, it also plays an important role to give valuable information to EiMAS’s staffs.




  1. Lending Service – The lending service is limited to JAS’s staffs who are attending the courses held in EiMAS. They are allowed to borrow only 4 books. The renewal of the books can be made only once through a telephone call direct to EiMAS’s Library, email or come over to the library counter. Nevertheless, EiMAS’s Library is not only provides the lending service to their staffs itself but also allow the outsider such as researchers or students from local university.
  2. Online Public Access Cataloguing (OPAC) – EiMAS’s Library provides OPAC service to ensure the users to access the collections they want in the library. This kind of service also can save their time in searching the materials needed.
  3. Hands-On Services – Each year, EiMAS’s Library will conduct several courses related to the library management to a certain staffs in JAS states and branches. The purpose of this course is to ensure that they are well-known with library management and how to manage their library effectively.
  4. Internet Service – The users can access the Internet through the PC that provided in EiMAS’s Library. This kind of services is to help the users in information searching.
  5. Reference Service – Reference service that EiMAS’s Library provided is to help users to use the library efficiently. The users can use the library as part of their reference tools to access any information needed. Any questions regarding on environment materials in the library can be made by a telephone call, letter, fax, email or come over to EiMAS’s Library.
  6. Documentation Service – All collections in the library are chosen and ordered from publisher’s catalogue. EiMAS’s staffs and course participants can also proposed any collections that they interested related to environmental field. The collections will be recorded and given accession number, catalogued and then given classification number. This is to make it easier for storing and retrieval process. EiMAS’s Library classification system is base on Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) while the subject heading is using Congress of Subject Headings.



EiMAS’s Library collections contains all kinds of materials (printed and non-printed materials) related to environmental field such as :

  1. Monograph
  2. Serial Publication
  3. Newspaper Cutting
  4. Act / Government Gazette
  5. Government’s Circular
  6. Annual Reports
  7. Course’s Modules



  • Monday – Thursday: 8.15 – 12.45 Pm & 2.15 – 4.50 Pm
  • Friday: 8.15 – 12.00 Noon & 3.00 – 4.50 Pm
  • Library Is Closed On Public Holiday